Energy Efficiency – Refrigerated Warehouse


A regional operator of temperature-controlled and dry warehouse space wanted to expand one of its facilities, an 85,000 square-foot refrigerated warehouse. The refrigeration system at the facility had been designed with expansion in mind; the compressors were sized to handle additional load. However, the refrigeration control system was installed at the time of construction and needed to be upgraded. Even under the existing conditions, the refrigeration system was not operating as efficiently as possible because certain measures for reducing its energy use could only be implemented using a newer, more sophisticated control system. Also, if the control system were not replaced, expanding the facility would result in the need for additional capital equipment and higher energy use per square foot of space – both of which were expensive propositions.

Understanding that a new control system was in order, the company engaged EPS to evaluate the situation and recommend the most efficient solution to meet both the facility’s current and future needs.


EPS performed a detailed analysis of the facility by completing on-site inspections, building drawing reviews, employee interviews, and building load profile simulations (based on proposed operation). Bringing the significant expertise and experience of its team to bear on the data gathered, and using automated analysis tools, EPS identified 8 energy efficiency measures to optimize the performance of the refrigeration system.


The new refrigeration control system programmed, installed and integrated by EPS reduced the facility’s energy consumption by approximately 16 percent. This resulted in a very attractive simple payback of approximately 7 months and enabled the company to recover a substantial part of the capital cost of the project as rebate.

The new control system allowed the company to expand its facility without increasing its energy spend per square foot of space or having to purchase significant new equipment. The new system also reduced maintenance costs for the company, enabled remote monitoring of systems, and provided information for the company’s use in complying with government regulations. This project was nominated for a state Flex Your Power award. Flex Your Power is California’s statewide energy efficiency marketing and outreach campaign.

Energy Efficiency – Refrigerated Warehouse
Energy Efficiency – Refrigerated Warehouse